Monday, 17 July 2017

Best Android Launcher Apps July 2017

This is list of Best launchers for Android July, 2017

Did you know

Launchers like Nova launcher, cm launcher, Go launcher are far more customization  than Samsung Launchers, Nexus Launcher

You would have wondered why some phones looks better that than others in appearance though the holds same price rate
This is only due to the UI (USER INTERFACE) which is mostly due to the launchers
For example iPhone launchers are different than the Android launchers
Also in Android Launchers Nexus Launchers are different than Samsung launchers. But did you know that you can fully customize your launchers even more than they are in Samsung and nexus phones
Here today I am going to show you a list of top 5 best launchers for android which you can use to customize your phone
It was very difficult to make preference on these launchers but after using them for a long time I made these choices
So here we go

1. Nova launcher

If you want a pre build great launcher and you don’t want spend much time on theming then Nova launcher is the best you are looking for. Here are some most cool features from it

  •             You can Add Your own Icon pack both horizontal as well as vertical styles are available
  •              You can customize Dock, desktop and drawer as well
  •               You can create categories’ 
  •               Hide apps
  •               Great UI
  •              Gesture controls (Pro Version)
  •              Back and restore service
  •     Click here to download Nova launcher

2. Zen UI launcher

Everyone knows that Asus is one of the leading Brands in manufacturing mobile phones and accessories I personally love the Zen UI it’s completely free it’s fast and completely customizable  
Here are some more features of Zen UI launcher
·       Free to use
·       Ads free
·       Apps hider
·       Smart group making (this is one if the unique feature of this pro launcher because and is not seen in much launchers)
·       One layer and two layer option is available
·       App Lock
·       Back and restore service
It is one of the fastest launchers I had ever seen it.
It had a lovely design and look and has a special feature which makes it stand out of competing that is Apus booster it automatically clears all apps from the background and makes the user experience greater than other launchers
Some of the pro features of the launcher are

  •           Lightning Fast
  •         Free
  •          Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher
  •          Gestures control
  •           High level of customization
  •         Own wallpaper gallery
  •         30,000 free, beautiful HD themes, wallpapers to choose from
  •        New themes released every week
  •        News Flash Gesture
  •        Vertical as well as horizontal styles available
  •        Back and restore service
  •         6 different horizontal  transition to choose from

  4. Arrow Launcher

Exclusively from Microsoft corp.
Yes you heard it right this launcher is from Microsoft it is a great launcher with a trust seal of Microsoft
Some of the great features are

  •        Free
  •        Beautiful wallpapers which are daily updated by Bing
  •        Personalized style for icons and dock
  •        Back and restore service
  •        Makes your Android 10% faster, uses 15% less battery and 20% less memory
  •        One can set remainders
  • ·    4.0.3 and up

5. Google Now

This is stock launcher lunched by Google and is great in sense of UI and is faster than other launchers as always it’s from Google.
This is used by many companies like Panasonic, Micromax and Lenovo

In my opinions
·       If you can pay for good services then go with Nova launchers
·       If you are not the guy who can pay for it than go with Zen UI launcher

·       Which is the best launcher for android?
Nova Launcher is my answer.

·       Which launcher is better Arrow or Google nexus launcher
Arrow launcher is my answer

Thus this was the list of best launcher for android I had seen till now in my life if you like the post then do share it this post others. :) 

Do any one think I missed your favorite launcher let us know by commenting. 
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